Pallet Project Update

The Pallet Project continues apace. I have developed an ad hoc sampling strategy which involves taking photos of pallets when I see them with my iPhone 5 camera. For a brief description of the Pallet Project, go here.

To be honest, I don’t really have a plan right now, but I suppose, being a bit of a compulsive archaeologist, I expect that once I get a substantial collection of randomly collected pallet photographs, I’ll build a typology.

So far, I can say that in Greece, pallets are set aside and stored, despite their seeming ubiquity. Sometimes they are set aside in designated areas, such as this growing stack of pallets behind a sports field in the village of Myloi:

IMG 1497

And other times, they are left about in plain view. These are on a busy side street near the municipal market in Argos:

IMG 1474

In a backstreet in Nafplio:

IMG 1539

Pallets appear regularly as walkways and steps:

IMG 1518

Pallets also serve as impromptu fences to keep goats from a little  garden high on the side of Mt. Braimi in the Argolid:

IMG 1608

These uses resonate, of course, with the use of pallets the world over.

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