A Special Issue of North Dakota Quarterly: SLOW

As readers of this blog know, I’ve become interested in the “slow” movement. This was initially prompted by discussions of pace in teaching which then developed into interest in the slow teaching approaches, and, as so many of my ideas about teaching go, it became an opportunity to reflect on slow archaeology (here, here, and here). My interest in cricket is well known.

Over the last year, I’ve been on a committee tasked with saving or revitalizing the venerable interdisciplinary, literary journal North Dakota Quarterly. As we were planning our special issues for next year, the topic of “slow” came up, and, next thing I know, I’m co-editing an issue dedicated to “slow” with a colleague from our department of philosophy and religion Rebecca Rozelle-Stone.

We are open to submission from every corner of the intellectual world, from hard core academics to part-time essayists. The volume is peer-reviewed and looks to be national, even international, in scope.

Here’s the call for papers:

North Dakota Quarterly (NDQ)
 Volume 80, Number 2
Special Issue: Slow

Guest Editors:
William Caraher (University of North Dakota)
Rebecca Rozelle-Stone (University of North Dakota)

North Dakota Quarterly, an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal, seeks contributions for a special issue on the theme of “Slow.” In recent years, there has been increasing attention paid to slowing down various aspects of our lives as we attempt to navigate a fast-paced, instantaneously gratifying, highly technologized, and digital milieu. The “slow movement” has become a distinct cultural presence, affecting our thinking about food, art, design, religion, travel, parenting, recreation, pedagogy, and more. We invite non-fiction essays, short fiction pieces, poems, and artistic images that address or are inspired by this concept of “slow” and its emerging importance. We are interested in perspectives on the significance of “slow” from a diversity of disciplines, including: art, cultural studies, history, literature, philosophy, religious studies, and sciences, among others. Non-fiction submissions should be written for a broad audience.

Length: Non-fiction essays and fiction writing should be no longer than 6,000 words, inclusive of notes.

Deadline: October 1, 2014

Send hard copy submissions to:
Slow Issue
North Dakota Quarterly
Merrifield Hall Room 110
276 Centennial Hall, Stop 7209
Grand Forks, ND 58202-7209

Or send electronic submissions and all inquires to the following email:
Rebecca Rozelle-Stone at: adrian.rozelle@email.und.edu with subject heading: “Slow Issue NDQ”

North Dakota Quarterly is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal published four times per year by the College of Arts and Sciences of the University of North Dakota. It is indexed in Humanities International Complete, the annual MLA Bibliography I, among others, which may be found in libraries across North America.
Interim Editor: Sharon Carson (University of North Dakota)


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