Dwelling in the Bakken: Workforce Housing in the Bakken in a Global and Historical Perspective

For those of you in the Grand Forks area, Bret Weber and I are giving a little talk down at the Backstage Project at the Empire Theater tonight on our work in the Bakken. It is part of the first annual International Studies Speaker Series. 

Series Flyer ALL Talks pdf

Our paper is going to be sort of a cool format, where I’m going to read a short paper and Bret is going to respond to it. This is helping me gets some words on page for our Bakken Goes Boom edited book project. My contribution to this project will probably focus on archaeology of housing in the era of late capitalism. It’s still germinating a bit…

Anyway, if you can’t make it down to the Empire tonight, I think we’re going to record our conversation. And if you’re interested in my part of tonight’s festivities, you can read my short remarks below:

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