Tis the Season

Every year I have readers asking me whether the Archaeology of the Mediterranean World team can help with a last minute Christmas gift. 

Every year, I assure them that the Archaeology of the Mediterranean World Archive is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to relive the glory that is the Archaeology of the Mediterranean World Blog on luxurious paper. Volume 4 of The Archive is now available in all of its digital glory. It is most free of obfuscating mark-up and html artifact and perfectly ready for printing and binding at the book binder of your choice. I’d recommend binding it in rich, Corinthian leather.

This year The Archive is prepared in Garamond font (the cover page is in Futura) and runs to over 500 pages. These are 500 pages that might have been directed toward book projects, properly completing university mandate paperwork, or letters to the editor of the local newspaper. It runs to well over 100,000 words. 

I have decided to exclude other people’s posts (o.p.p.) from this archive, in part, because they will appear in a separate, better edited volume, and because it would be too hard to explain to other people why I prepare an annual archive. I have also followed past practices and left out all of the images. It is just easier this way and I figured that it would fuel my readers imagination as they attempted to visualize whatever it was that I was talking about.

For this feeling nostalgic, copies of Volume 1, Volume 2, and Volume 3 are still available.

Merry Christmas!

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