Punk Archaeology Project Update

I’ve been hedging around a bit about a secret project that some colleagues and I have have been concocting here at the University of North Dakota. It’s still relatively secret, but since it intersects with the punk archaeology project, I might as well whisper about the one while I update my loyal readers on the other.

The most exciting thing is that the Punk Archaeology manuscript is in typesetting and is nearly complete. We have the excellent editorial work of Andrew Reinhard and the layout work of Joel Jonientz to thank for this as well as the cooperation of all the contributors. The book will consist of 36 chapters with illustrations evenly split between the proceedings of the conference and a selection of blog posts written by me and Kostis Kourelis over the past 5 years.

 Sorry that these images are a bit hard to make out, but it is a teaser. You can read my introduction here.

Table of contents1

Table of contents2





The part that I’m only whispering about is that this is going to be one of the first two publications of The Digital Press at the University of North Dakota. This is a laboratory press that will focus on things that interest its editors. (This is not the formal statement of the press’s intention, but an informal description of what we plan to do). In the meantime, we’ve begun to learn something about the intricacies of publishing in the digital era and how to implement print-on-demand publication, various digital formats, and a commitment to open access.


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