Friday Quick Hits and Varia

It’s wintertime here on the North Plains: a few days of flurries this week and temperatures in the 20s in the morning. I hope the low, grey clouds that have dampened my spirits lift today and give us back some of the amazing North Dakota sky.

In the meantime, I’ll remember this is how most people live in the U.S. and Europe (deprived of the most amazing sky in the world), and I’ll provide some quick hits and varia to make us all feel just a little bit better.

IMG 0963


  1. Wait. Three professors each flipped one class, saw negligible benefits, and from that they conclude that flipping classes isn’t that great? Maybe I should flip a coin three times and if it comes up heads each time I should conclude that coin-flipping results in heads 100% of the time.


    1. OK apparently the USA Today reporter totally misunderstood the conclusions of the research on flipped classrooms (not too much of a surprise):


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