Sound and Archaeology

I’ll interrupt my regular musings on archaeology and the like to open a little window into other parts of my life. This morning Scot Hull over at Part-Time Audiophile published another of my little pieces on my audiophile habit. 


I’ve written about four pieces for him over the past few months and he’s published two. A 50% acceptance rate isn’t quite as good as what I’ll get on academic papers, but considering I don’t really know what I’m doing as an audiophile, I’ll take it.

The biggest challenge so far is trying to find my voice as an audiophile essayist(?). I don’t have the technical chops to really understand how all the little things in these magical boxes work together to make the sounds I like. I do feel vaguely more qualified, however, to contemplate how we reflect on what we hear and like my first post at Part-Time Audiophile, I think I was able to bring a bit of my training as an archaeologist and a historian to bear on my audiophile listening.

So, do me a favor and click through to my (roughly edited!) contribution to Part-Time Audiophile this morning.  

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