Man Camps, Media, and Norwegians

There is a delegation of Norwegians visiting campus today and the North Dakota Man Camp Project has been invited to present some of their research. This kind of event always brings out the strange in people as the University of North Dakota works hard to put on a good face before international dignitaries and, perhaps more importantly, official across the state who have an impact on resources allocated to the University. 

This involved a representative of the provost having to see the posters related to our research before we could put them on display, some strange back and forth about our use of our college logos on a booklet that they are preparing for our Norwegian friends, and an almost frantic insistence on collaboration. We did what we could to be team players and suppress a certain degree of cynicism surrounding the undertaking. Clearly, making a good impression during this visit will have a greater direct impact on the University and various administrators than our own work, but as they always say: the rising tide lifts all ships.

Here is the schedule of the Norwegian visit. It’s vaguely funny that Bret Weber is listed as Sociology rather than Social Work on the page.

With that spirit in mind, we prepared a short media guide in collaboration with our in-house marketing guru, Susan Caraher, and put together a rotating slide show to enthrall the delegation. We also decided it best if my erstwhile collaborator and local politician, Bret Weber, take over most of the glad-handing. He’s a great public face to our project.

Here’s the media guide and the slideshow is attached to the end of it. I think it looks pretty good:


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