Earth, Wind, and Fire on a Short Trip to Greece

I’m conspiring on a TOP SEKRET project in Greece over the past few days. I hadn’t been to Greece since 2010. So I was perhaps a bit overstimulated by it all. 

But I really like being in Greece and the prospect of working there again is beyond exciting.

And, we experienced earth, wind, and fire in my brief stay there.

The hill behind our hotel conflagrated (that’s a word right?). It was terrifying so I responded like any American and started to take pictures. 


We went on a number of long, exhausting walks. The landscape was brilliantly Mediterranean with vineyards, olive groves, abrupt, steep mountains covered with impenetrable maquis

Photo  1

The wind is an inevitable product of one too many hills with sturdy, but slope-adverse eastern North Dakota legs.

IMG 0601

As I grew weaker on the walk through the mountains, I realized that my generation of archaeologist made soft by obligations to publish and, long days in museums and storerooms, were not going to ascend into the mountains during the next war to collaborate with rebels and ally forces. I’d last about 3 days (hours) on the thousand year road (if you don’t know, click the link and read).


  1. Christos G. Makrypoulias July 2, 2013 at 2:31 pm

    No offense, but how come you’re so sure that in the next war our respective countries will be on the same side?


  2. In this day, I’m not sure that would matter.


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