What’s in your bag?

One of my favorite recent gimmicks is blogs doing littlewhat’s in your bag?” features on their contributors. I’m not sure why I find them so fascinating. Maybe it is the archaeologist in me who is interested in objects and people. Maybe it’s the tech geek who wonders about other people’s gadgets (o.p.g.s). Most likely, I do it because it makes me feel less awkward for what I take.

So to thank all those bloggers who make me feel less odd for traveling with too much gear (and all the other possible reasons), I offer you my own modest “what’s in my bag” on the day before I depart Cyprus for Greece. 


Starting at top left:

1. Three kinds of notebooks. A longterm, journal type Moleskin notebook. Three smaller clothbound short’s pocket sized notebooks, and a single Field Notes brand shirt pocket sized notebook (because I like Futura font).

2. Three chargers with related cables.

3. These chargers and cables live in a little hard drive case.

4. Two 1 TB hard drives. One is a USB 3 drive and blazing fast. It’s great for on the go back-ups and large-scale data swaps when the internet is too slow to use the cloud. The other is a USB2 drive and carries everything from my office computer on it. I also have two 16 gb flash drives; one is always lost and it’s always the one that I need. I keep both 1 TB drives in a single case. So if I lose that case, I lose all my backups, all at once. This keeps me from wishing that the other backup was lost. (At Polis we call these The Terabyte Drive. I have no idea what the plural of this is.)

5. A 13″ 2012 MacBook Air. This is my favorite computer in the world. I blog on it. I edit photos on it (using Gimp). I read email on it. I prefer to write on it when my grown-up 15 inch Retina MacBook Pro is not around. It’s like a little friend that travels with me always.

6.iPad. I carry the iPad around because I just know that one of these days, I will discover that I can’t live without it. 

7. A Mouse. Because my main field computer is a PC, I am obligated by university policy to travel with a mouse. 

8. Kindle. I actually prefer reading on a Kindle than dragging 40 lbs. of books with me.

9. Panasonic Lumix GX-1 with a 14 mm lens and a 14-40 mm lens. I’ll let Kyle Cassidy handle this one, but it is my DSLR replacement. It is one of my favorite things especially with the LCD viewfinder for the Mediterranean sun.

10. Sennheiser Momentum headphones. I love my stereo, and it is really important that I can hide from the world in music for a little part of every day. These help.

11. iPod Classic with ALO Audio National Headphone Amplifier. This helps more. 

12. Dell 15″ XPS (2013). This is my pimped out GIS, database, Agisoft (3D imaging) computer. It’s a gamers computer with a big, fast GPU and a lots of RAM. It’s heavy, has Windows 8, and seems very serious. It sort of freaks me out.

13. Backup Headphones. Sometimes I like my smaller earbuds. So I have a pair of little Shure in-ear monitors when I don’t need the big sound of the Sennheisers and a pair of little (relatively) cheap Klipsch earbuds for when I’m looking closely at things on site. 

14. Wonpro international powerstip. Best thing ever for the traveling archaeologist. You can attach a power cable for almost any kind of outlet (I have a Cypriot/UK cable, a Greek cable, and an Australian cable) and the strip itself accepts almost any plug. 

15. Little carrying case of passport. 

16. Sunglasses.

That’s what’s in my bag. What’s in yours?

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