Punk Archaeology Update

Andrew Reinhard has been toiling away on various aspects of our Punk Archaeology event held this past February in Fargo. Not only has he edited our volume of essays on various aspects of punk archaeology, but he has also worked hard to make a recording of the event available on Sound Cloud. I know I need to prepare the introduction to the book, but my field work is keeping me from this task!


We not only streamed the event LIVE, but also recorded the full audio thanks to the inspired work by Tim Pasch, Chad Bushy, and Caleb Hulthusen from the University of North Dakota. The venue was not ideal for capturing super high quality, multitrack live recordings, but the recording by the UND team does captures the live quality that is so important to the punk aesthetic.


Here’s a link to the talks. My two short talks (here with Aaron Barth and here) served as a kind of introduction so it might make the most sense to listen to it first. Andrew Reinhard’s remarks serve is a bit of a conclusion. Kostis Kourelis provided us with a kind of ballad for the night and Peter Schultz gave us one of those anthems that stick in your head. Rothaus and Samuels made us sit up and listen. Groberg anchored our event locally while Barth projected us toward a universal aesthetic.


And here’s a link to the bands. Andrew Reinhard started the evening, followed by a set by Les Dirty Frenchmen (here labeled as The Filthy Trenchmen!), June Panic, and finally What Kingswood Needs. Be sure to check out the Chester Fritz Distinguished Professor of Music Mike Wittgraf on keys with Reinhard and the Frenchmen/Trenchmen.

The night was even more awesome than I imagined it thanks to my creative, brilliant, and cooperative colleagues. The book will be available (fingers crossed) by the late summer or early fall. 

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