My Summer Adventures

As the semester comes to a close, I am getting started in my preparations for my summer fieldwork. This summer I’ll spend time at Pyla-Koutsopetria near Laranka on Cyprus, and Polis, near Paphos before heading to the Argolid for five days or so at the end of the my season. For some of the first steps in preparation see my co-director at PKAP, Scott Moore’s blog.

In the meantime, life has been hectic. The great thing about my life right now is that almost everything going on is fun and interesting. Here’s my summer set list:

1. Submit PKAP survey data for peer reviewed publication on Open Context.

2. Complete revisions on a submitted and accepted paper titled “Patronage and Reception in the Monumental Architecture of Early Christian Greece”.

3. Complete revision on a working paper from our work in the Bakken.

4. Complete revisions on the Punk Archaeology conference and blog publication with Kostis Kourelis and the super-efficient Andrew Reinhard.

5. Finish my revisions and submit my review of Metaponto 4.

6. Return to my working paper on teaching history in a Scale-Up Classroom.

7. Prepare a draft of our conclusions from 5 seasons of work at the Early Christian basilica at the site of E.F2 at Polis-Chrysochous.

8. Prepare a draft of an essay on the archaeology of the Corinthian countryside for the Hesperia reprint series.

9. Complete a blog post on using iPad’s in the field for the ASOR blog

10. Spread mulch.

There are a few other exciting and still secret projects percolating through the cracks including another volume in the Grand Forks Neighborhood History Series.

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