Friday Varia and Quick Hits

It’s a sunny, but cool spring Friday in North Dakotaland. It is also reading and review day, and this means that I survived yet another semester. It also means that I’m just that much closer to my summer adventures in North Dakota, Greece, and Cyprus, and my summer to-do list. These are all fun and exciting things.

So, while I try to balance my fatigue and excitement, I’ll pass on a little list of quick hits and varia to get the end of your week going right.

But, wait, before I start my weekly list, I need to include a brief advertisement. Fellow digital adventurer, Joel Jonientz, has launched his first Kickstarter campaign yesterday. Joel is a professor in the department of art and design and I’ve linked to his amazing blog more than a few times (he also designed the fantastic Punk Archaeology poster). He is using Kickstarter to raise money for a fantastic student project. They are designing a video game that infuses old school gameplay with artistic and musical sensibilities. It’s called Rhythm Planet and you should definitely support it and get everyone in your social network to support it. You’ll definitely hear more about it.  


Ok, now back to your regularly scheduled quick hits and varia:


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