Digital Lightning at the University of North Dakota

Pure, uncut amazingness. 

April 22nd. 4 pm. Gorecki Alumni Center. University of North Dakota’s Campus.

On April 22nd, the Working Group in Digital and New Media will ask questions about these bursts of digital possibility. Like lightning, the presentations will be quick and in rapid succession. Like lightning, the topics seek to illuminate a subject and to find points of connection to our world. Like lightning, the speakers aim to electrify.


Bill Caraher “What’s Next in Archaeology?”
Kyle Conway “How Media Translate, or, Why do I Like Chase Scenes?”
Travis Dessel “Crowd Sourcing Big Data?”
Paul Worley ” What Matter Who’s Speaking? Performance, Shapes, Knowledge”
Michael Wittgraf “Is it Music?”
Richard Van Eck “Does Tech Make You Smarter?”
Crystal Alberts “The Writers Conference, So What? Who Cares?”
Brett Ommen “Who is Talking on Twitter?”
Tim Pasch “Do I own my digital content that I paid for, created, or uploaded? Well…”
Joel Jonientz “Art in the Age of Digital Authenticity. Should we Abandon the Concept of Originality?”

Come and check it out.


DigitalL invite

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