A Visit to Richmond

Today I’m giving a talk at the University of Richmond, my alma mater.

Here’s the poster for the talk. It’s the 5th Annual Stuart Wheeler Gallery Lecture. Prof. Wheeler was one of my mentors at Richmond and inspired my interest in architecture which carried through my dissertation research.


The lake is beautiful:


The walk up the slope to Westhampton College was harder than it was 20 years ago:


I checked out Jeter and Thomas Halls where I lived on campus:



Jepson Hall is aging well:


But not as well as North Court has aged:


North Court was part of Ralph Adam Cram’s original design of campus, and Cram was a particular interest of Prof. Wheeler’s. So I’ve added a bit of Cram to the conclusion of my paper:

Ralph Adams Cram, the main architecture responsible for the most iconic buildings on the University of Richmond’s campus and a special topic of interest to Stuart Wheeler described the ruins of Netley Abby as follows (The Ruined Abbeys of Great Britain (1909), 93):

“When the spangled turf is wet with dew and the mist from the water is veiling the sundered walls; when the sun rides high and the mellow stone glows deep and golden, whilst deep shadows lurk under the transept vaults, when the light is level at sunset and the grassy pavement is slashed with golden bars; in sun and shadow, in mist or rain. [Netley] is the very haunt of poetry, a dream-like emanation of the past, set her on the verge of the insistent, clamorous present.”

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