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  1. My late brother also enjoyed walking in the freshness of ND weather. In its way it is very beautiful but hard to describe The cold cuts to the bone but made me feel alive when walking back to campus from the Rivierra bar. There is a deadening about the cold and winter rain in NYC to which I moved after graduation. It is far more miserable. Still, I don’t miss either. There was one winter when we had no snow at all, no “snirt”. That was far worse because ,since the fields were plowed in the fall to be ready for spring planting, the dirt blew down the than-dirt N. Columbia road. I’d reach the Student Union and hold my head under running water in a sink but it was impossible to fully remove it.
    I love all your photos. They take me back “home” in a way that I think cannot be appreciated by someone who never lived in that great empty and silent space. My ears tingle with the memory. Vince


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