A Last Second Holiday Gift

Like last year, I know many of my friends with a passion for Mediterranean archaeology and other, random bits of interesting stuff are desperately searching for last second Christmas presents.

Well, you picked a perfect day to read my blog! Behold Volume 3 of the New Archaeology of the Mediterranean World Archive. It contains 200 blog posts from 2012 and runs to close to 350 pages and over 115, 000 words. (For those feeling nostalgic, feel free to gift Volume 2 or Volume 1 (2007-2010)). Like last year the title page is in brilliant Futura font, but the text is now in the legible Garamond. I’ve replaced the table of contents in Volume 2 with an index of the 50 most popular posts (in page views per day) in Volume 3. I’ve also done a bit more to remove more of the web mark-up. As before, I recommend binding the print version of this in rich Corinthian leather.

I can hear all my more sage friends and colleagues already pointing out to me that if I had the energy to write 100,000+ words a year, I certainly had the energy to converts that pesky dissertation into a monograph. But, the issue, as always, is fun. Converting a dissertation to a monograph is not fun. Writing a daily blog on whatever passes through my mind is. Since getting tenure, I’ve decided to commit 25% of my time to doing things that are fun. So my blog, creating a digital scholarly press (shhhh), Punk Archaeology are all fun. Working on a decade old dissertation that is freely available on the internets is not fun.

So, share in my fun this holiday season and enjoy the New Archaeology of the Mediterranean World Archive:

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