Friday Varia and Quick Hits

Today is “Reading and Review Day” here at the University of North Dakota. So to celebrate the end of the week and the end of the semester, I’ll offer up a little gaggle of varia and quick hits for your reading and review.

This week I started to post links to my daily blog posts to Facebook. I sort of hated doing this because I was arrogant enough to think that people loved my blog enough to seek it out every day. I also figured that most readers would recognize the pattern. I posted M-F on my stuff. That being said, my daily page views had been slipping a bit lately and I had some absolutely dreadful days where they slipped below 50. The result of making my posts more visible was pretty dramatic with my page views jumping up close to 30%. More than that, people not only went and looked at my blog, but also took the time to comment on it (via email). So the little blow to my ego has paid dividends and made my bizarre blogging labors feel worth it again. Look for links to my blog posts on your Facebooks.

Grand Forks at Night

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