LIfe and Times at a Ptolemaic Settlement on Cyprus

This week the team from the Pyla-Koutsopetria Archaeological Project is presenting a paper and the annual meeting of the American Schools of Oriental Research. The paper presents some of our most recent research including preliminary observations on our field work in summer 2012.

The paper is a bit of an awkward hybrid bringing together a brief discussion of the technology we used this season including 3D modeling using AgiSoft Photoscan and the use of iPads to record trench data in the field, as well as a brief discussion of our finds. For readers of this blog, nothing in the paper is particularly remarkable, but it is a single document that brings together our work.

The usual caveat here: this is a working draft and it is probably going to see a bit more editing before it goes live. I’ll post the edited version when it lands in my inbox.

This is the beginning of archaeology conference season with the Byzantine Studies Conference happening last weekend, ASOR this weekend, and the Archaeological Institute of America meeting the first week in January. The SAAs meet in April and the College Art Association in February (for our colleagues in Art History). We’ve been pretty consistent in putting our papers up on this blog and Scribd prior to presenting them at the conference.

I wonder what would happen if everyone had to do this?

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