Cyprus Research Fund Lecture: In Person or Live Stream

As loyal readers of this blog know, tomorrow is the fourth annual Cyprus Research Fund Lecture. The arrival of Dimitri Nakassis from the Department of Classic at the University of Toronto in the great state of North Dakota will official increase the number of (traditionally trained) professional classicists, ancient historians, and art historians in the state by 33% (at least by my count).

The talk is at 4pm CST in the luxurious and exotic East Asia Room in the magnificent Chester Fritz Library on campus. The talk is so huge, that it has appeared on the University of North Dakota’s homepage and in a Marilyn Hagerty column.


If you can’t make it to campus to hear the talk, do not fear! You can watch the talk LIVE on the INTERNETS. I would love to see an active and interested online audience.

Here’s the flyer:


The talk is sponsored by the Department of History and the Cyprus Research Fund. For those of you who don’t know, the Cyprus Research Fund began as a fund supported by a loyal group of private donors who are committed to expanding the presence of Mediterranean Archaeology (and related fields) on campus and providing opportunities for University of North Dakota students to get field work experience abroad. Since its beginnings, however, the Fund has sponsored a wide range of related activities. In fact, its first impact was the purchase of server space for digital and new media projects on campus (and this server space ultimately contributed to founding of the Working Group in Digital and New Media). It has also funded eight speakers or exhibits on campus, three artist in residence on Cyprus, and helped to fund over 10 UND students time in Cyprus. This past year the Cyprus Research Fund co-sponsored the publication of a small book documenting the history and architecture of the oldest standing wood-framed church in town before it was demolished. The book was written by a University of North Dakota Doctor of the Arts student Chris Price and is titled The Old Church on Walnut Street: A Story of Immigrants and Evangelicals.

Here’s a snazzy book mark:

CRF BookMark

One last thing, if you are in Grand Forks, you need to check out the Arts and Culture Conference: Binary Inventions. There’s a panel discussion today at 3:30 pm in the Memorial Union and tonight at 7:30 (with a 7:00 reception) the fabulous Empire Theater. Be sure to check out the closing reception at the Third Street tomorrow night at 7 pm.


  1. I’ll cross the border at about 10AM, reducing Nakassis’ impact to 25%.


  2. Do you have a hashtag for the Bronze Age talk?


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