Some Conclusions from the Pyla-Koutsopetria Archaeological Project on Cyprus

Last week, my coauthors and I largely finished the historical conclusions section of our monograph detailing our intensive pedestrian survey at the site of Pyla-Koutsopetria between 2003-2010. This is far from the last word on the site (and is even unlikely to be the last word from our survey work on the project). 

That being said, it is a fairly complete statement of our current archaeological thinking. It has not gone through the traditional peer-review process (although it has been read by quite a few colleagues in the field) and it is not quite ready for formal, print publication, but the ideas are all there.

In the spirit of this blog which has a similar goal, I make pre-prints of my research available in an effort to make more transparent the process of academic production. This text, for example, is not quite ready for prime time, but read judiciously and critically (as all texts should be read), it does have sufficient substance and detail to contribute knowledge, add some ideas to the conversation, and hint at the shape of our final publication.



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