An Early Draft of a Paper on the North Dakota Bakken Man Camps

This weekend at the Midwest Association for Canadian Studies Conference, I will present a some preliminary observations on research conducted this summer in the man camps associated with the Bakken Oil Patch. The observations are tentative and the conclusions unremarkable, but it’s an important first step toward organizing and synthesizing our research.

I should stress that the paper below is my own effort to bring together data collected by our field team and should not be seen as reflecting consensus on the part of the participants or the first or final word on any of these issues.In fact, I am not even entirely committed to the core-periphery framework that I use (largely in a rhetorical way) to organize and understand the data in this paper. The free flow of capital and labor typical to late capitalism may make concepts like the core and the periphery irrelevant. In any event, problems of interpretation and present are all mine and do not reflect the good names of my collaborators.

As always, I’m eager to hear some feedback and as I get feedback from my collaborators, I will almost certainly update this paper. 

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  1. is this the first snow in US 2012?


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