The Old Church on Walnut Street

I am very happy to announce the publication of the first volume of the Grand Forks Community Land Trust’s Neighborhood History Series. As readers of this blog know, it is Christopher Price’s The Old Church on Walnut Street: A Story of Immigrants and Evangelicals. You can purchase a copy of the book for the low, low price of $4.00 here.

Church on Walnut Street Cover

The timing could not be better as the church is slated for demolition next Wednesday. It is the last turn of the century wood-framed church in Grand Forks and for over 100 years it stood as quiet reminder of the early-20th century religious, urban, and social landscape. Chris’s book has done a brilliant job at putting this building in social and historical context and the lovely illustrations by Bobbi Hepper Olson and Aaron Barth’s clear description have ensured that the building was documented as carefully as time and resources allowed.

The Grand Forks Community Land Trust and Cyprus Research Fund collaborated in the publication of this volume. If $4 seems a bridge to far for a book about a church in a town you’ve never heard of, then download it for free from Scrbd


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  1. Bill,

    That looks great. I look forward to getting the second volume out and am going to try and get a draft outline to you and Bret this next week. Now I need to get a flashier cover than Chris ;).


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