Man Camps: The Poster

Next Saturday, I am sending a poster to a Community Connect Forum in Buffalo, ND as part of the team studying the social and cultural changes associated with the Bakken Oil Boom. This poster will present some of our work on man camps in Williams County. These forums are meant to foster communication and a sense of community between researchers at UND and residents of the state. So, it’s a great opportunity to show our work to people who might be more directly impacted by the oil boom and changes in settlement.

This means that over a two week period, I’ll be presenting something in Buffalo, ND and Buffalo, NY. I’m not really sure whether this is cool or not, but it’s going to happen.

So here’s the poster:


I’ve uploaded a legible version of the poster here. I rarely make posters, although they are becoming more and more common in academic settings. I probably used too much text and could have done more with my images, but hopefully it presents some idea of our recent work.

The Community Connect forum will also feature the world premiere of Kathy Coudle-King’s documentary¬†Off the Map. I mention this because it was edited in the Working Group in Digital and New Media lab. While community outreach has never been the highest priority for the Working Group (nor is it something that we’ve particularly avoided), it is cool to see two Working Group members presenting in Buffalo.

So, if you’re in Buffalo, ND, check out our poster and the other cool stuff going on in the state.

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