Two Events for Next Week

There are two great events next week that all my colleagues in North Dakotaland should mark on their calendars.

On Tuesday, April 10th at the Firehall Theatre, the University of North Dakota’s Working Group in Digital and New Media will have its first showcase. This will feature digital and new media works. The event starts at 6:30 pm with some lovely Latin American dishes and some adult beverages.

The center piece of the evening will be a short Maya language videos (with subtitles!) animated by Joel Jonientz and collected by Paul Worley. The evening will also showcase music by Tim Pasch and Michael Wittgraf, art by Jim Champion, video from Crystal Alberts’ & the Chester Fritz Library’s UND Writers Conference project, as well as a sneak peak of an exciting new video project from Travis Desell in Computer Science and a documentary by Kathy Coudle-King.


On Thursday, April 12th at 4 pm, the Department of History will host Prof. David Silkenat from North Dakota State University. He’ll present the lecture: Driven Away from Home: The American Civil War Considered as a Refugee Crisis in beautiful O’Kelly Hall 228. Here’s his abstract:

The Civil War generated one of the largest refugee crises in American history. Throughout the Confederacy, black and white Southerners fled away from and towards Union lines. Far from home, they found themselves living in refugee camps, without adequate food and shelter, and suffering from homesickness, malnutrition, and epidemic disease. A significantly understudied aspect of the American Civil War, this refugee crisis sheds light on the lived experience of thousands of civilians driven from their homes. One of the most important and distinctive features of the Confederate refugee crisis was its diversity, as Southerners of all races, genders, classes, and political alliances chose or were forced to move as a consequence of the Civil War. Recognizing the importance of these voluntary and involuntary migrations should force us to reconsider how we understand the Confederate home front when so many Southerners experienced the war away from home.


So, if you’re in the Grand Forks Metropolitan area, make a point of stopping by one or both of these events!


  1. Will the Silkenat lecture be in print or otherwise available. We Southerner need to know.


  2. Diana,

    I’m not really running the lecture, but I can ask and see! Maybe we can make it available as a podcast!



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