For a Brief Musical Interlude…

I usually don’t get all “family-oriented” on this blog, but I have to put in a plug for my little brother Fritz (and it is my blog, so I can do what I want!).  For the last four years he’s run – along with a team of amazing volunteers – the Surf and Song Festival in Ft. Myers, Florida. It’s not so much that he runs a music festival that’s important or interesting, it’s that he created this music festival.

The thing started when he’d get a few of his buddies with local bands together in a parking lot of bar and play music one afternoon. They’d charge some admission and give the money to a local charity. In the three years since that time, this thing has totally blown-up.

Now, it features over 100 bands, national headliners, multiple stages, and it literally takes over downtown Ft. Myers for a weekend. They are raising money for “Navigating Autism” at the Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida.

Here’s the poster:

Surf Song Poster 1

And here is the commercial (complete which echotastic voice over):

The coolest thing about this is that my brother isn’t some big festival promoter. He’s just a singer songwriter guy who liked cross-promoting his bands with other local bands. In fact, producing this festival isn’t even his full time job! It’s an amazing example of stone soup in the real world.

So if you’re in South Florida, be sure to check it out!


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