Friday Quick Hits and Varia

It’s a snowy and cool morning here at New Archaeology of the Mediterranean World Headquarters in its top secret North Dakotaland compound. And we’re supposed to get more over the weekend. We have snowblower, but I’ve never used it. This weekend might be the time to do it.

A tiny gaggle of quick hits and varia to keep you busy, educated, and entertained until then:

  • A couple good posts on using Twitter in the classroom (and outside of it) here and here.
  • John Fea – one of David Pettegrew’s colleagues at Messiah College and a brilliant blogger – felt the wrath of the internets this week. Presumably this is the offending column (it is odd that Fea did not link to it in his post on his blog) and here is the article from Glenn Beck’s The Blaze.
  • Kostis Kourelis’ Objects-Buildings-Situations is blowing up these days with found objects collected on his time spend in the area around the Lancaster train station. Richard Rothaus pointed us toward this, similar, project.
  • Richard also has a nice little post on using Evernote in the archives. My Droid Incredible has slowly died over the past 4 months, and the application that I miss the most is Evernote. Finally, my long suffering wife, gave into my whinging and let me get an iPhone. Provided snowpocalype does not stay “these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds”, I should be back in the Evernote by the end of the weekend.
  • How to make a proper Old Fashioned.
  • The open access battled and recent battles of The Research Work Act (H.R. 3699) has brought in the heavies: a letter from 11 of the most powerful university provosts in the country.
  • This is pretty funny video. And so is this. (One, of course, is real and the other a fairly subtle parody. Credit to Dell, however, for responding to it gracefully.)
  • I’d like to read Susan Heuck Allen’s book, Classical Spies (Michigan 2011).
  • On Tuesday, I posted on both Corinthian Matters and this blog a response to a series of blogs written by Chris Cloke on Corinthian Matters (here, here, and here). Over that time, Corinthian Matters has seen 421 page views with 25 of them being direct views of my post. This blog, however, has seen on 266 page views with only 5 being direct views of that post. As of 7 am CST today, my post is the most recent on Corinthian Matters which as 178 posts most of which date to 2011-2012; over that same time my blog has 302 posts. Corinthian Matters has 27,777 views; my blog has 29,384. It’s only a matter of time before Corinthian Matters has more all time page views than my blog, and the recent daily averages put my blog to shame. Nice work, Dr. Pettegrew!!
  • What I’m listening to: The Twilight Sad, No One Can Ever Know; Frankie Rose, Interstellar.
  • What I’m reading: Y. Lolos, The Land of Sikyon (ASCSA 2011).


  1. Thanks, Bill. Your and others contributions have helped the spike — and the google bots have also discovered the stored images. My hope is CM will become more collaborative, more multi-authored.


  2. Coincidentally, I just had a conversation on the appropriate Old Fashion technique. It is interesting to note that the addition of fruit (orange slice and cherry juice mainly) is not part of the original recipe! As a fellow admirer of a well made Old Fashion it’s nice to know the true formula. Cool…


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