Friday Varia and Quick Hits

A few varia on a snowy Friday morning in North Dakotaland. The snow must have come just a few hours ago because the roads were not clear and neither was campus. This is pretty unusual.

NewImage“The Russel” of the Great Northern Railroad
working her way to Sarles, ND January 1907. SHSND# 0714-003

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  1. While the Phillippians comment is funny, and there is exaggeration in the list, the problems are real, and they extend beyond western ND. Cities are not even close to prepared for handling a glut of people, particularly people who come from a tough culture. Roughnecks are hard workers, but they also play hard, and that does not mean snowmobiling and ice fishing. A glance at Gillette, WY offers a preview of the charming folks western ND and eastern MT have the opportunity to greet. The problems are real. A way of life really is vanishing.

    “The city and county will need more officers to handle the growing demand for enforcement, Smelser said.

    ‘The problem with the city is just the revenue stream isn’t there,’ Smelser said. ‘It’s a balancing act of maximizing our resources in the best possible way, and I think we are doing that.’

    Susan Quandt, chief of police in Fairview, about 12 miles northeast of Sidney, said the department’s calls increased 35 percent from 2010 to 2011 and continue to rise.

    Just as the number of calls have increased, so has the crime.

    ‘Theft, burglaries of cars and houses – they have all gone up,’ Quandt said. ‘And fights – of course, those don’t result in the involved parties wishing to have police involvement, but we still get called to them.’

    Fairview is right on the border of North Dakota and Montana in Richland County, about 35 miles southwest of Williston.

    The Fairview Police Department has three officers, including Quandt. The increased calls for service along with more traffic issues have exhausted resources.

    Read more:


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