Holiday Gift Idea

With the holiday upon us, I am sure many of my readers are frantically looking for that perfect gift to give to their Mediterranean archaeology lover that has everything.

Well, I have JUST THE GIFT for you. Behold Volume 2 of the (New) Archaeology of the Mediterranean World Archive. This wondrous archive compiles the texts from all the blog posts composed over the past 365 days. This means over 400 pages, spanning 250 blog posts and120,000 words of New Archaeology of the Mediterranean World goodness. Unlike the Volume 1 of the Archive, Volume 2 features a table of contents of the most popular posts (those posts with more than 20 individual page views). The table of contents provides you with the number of page views per day and the date of original publication.  All told the blog received over 23,000 page view.

The only drawback of the amazing Archive Volume 2 is that it lacks images and still contains some residual markup. I left some of the markup in for aesthetic reasons. I thought it was good to include some markup as a way to remind the reader that this transmedia object was originally produced for the web. As a paper object it’ll lack hyperlinks, easily displayed web images, video, audio and other features that we have come to expect of the internet.

But, unlike a web based object, the Archive Volume 2 can be easily bound (I’d suggest Rich Corinthian Leather), features luxuriously simple Bergamo Std font (the cover is in fantastic Futura). Page view statistics are at your fingertips and each post has a link to the web location of the original post.

And the best thing about this? It’s FREE!!!

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