Friday Quick Hit and Varia

It’s a frosty day here in North Dakotaland emphasized with a slight dusting of snow. My office is a chilly 55, but the various little heaters are blasting and soon it’ll be warm enough for me to start my day. So with the chill outside and the chill inside, it seems like a good time to warm up with some quick hits and varia.

My ViewThe view from my home office this morning



  1. The link on the libraries was pretty cool (but, where’s the Fritz?), though the Long Room at Trinity scares me a bit, as I would not want to get up on those ladders. With most of the images, I am left with the questions of are they serving as more decorative pieces for the campus, and why would you create such tall stacks?


  2. Dan,

    I am guessing that the taller stacks are designed to maximize the density of books per square meter of library.

    More than that, some of the older stacks certainly suggest that the culture of reading has changed over time. They do not seem particularly suitable for browsing!



  3. Definitely. I guess just seeing such tall stacks makes my apprehension about heights perk up.

    By the way, the link for Burin’s story should be as the link you have is to the 10PM newscast, which did not have any mention of him that I saw. Also, the link to your friend’s new blog is the same as the Kanye West tweets.


  4. Dan,

    Thanks! I fixed the links!



  5. Think of ISAW Papers as an occasional papers series. When the first volume of the monograph series appears (soon), I think you’ll see the difference. It will appear in partnership with NYU Press, which will be happy to supply a hard copy, if you want one.


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