Two Interior Panoramas

Since R. Scott Moore (aka the Gigapanda) has generously lent me the Gigapan for the semester, I’ve been getting my money’s worth from the robotic gizmo. We first took a series of exterior gigapans of the campus in the summer.

This week, we moved onto taking some interior photographs. Since the Chester Fritz Library on campus is celebrating its 50th Anniversary, we continued to focus on that structure.  The most difficult challenge is controlling for exposure. While the Gigapan manual recommends that you lock exposure, I worried that this would result in the amazing windows along the north wall of the Main Reading Room in the Chester Fritz being washed out.  The result of not locking the exposure, however, is the dark striations across the photograph.  I also had particular trouble exporting the photograph from the Gigapan Stitch software to the Gigapan website. I received an error that read: Error time data did not match format: data=0-00-00 00:00:00 fmt=%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S. Eventually I had to download the stitched photograph into Raw format and then upload it to the Gigapan site.

 To see the photo in all its Gigapantastic goodness, go here.


I also took a photograph of the East Asia Room. This room is one of the best rooms on campus. It features objects associated with Chester Fritz’s time in China.  The lighting was much more stable in the room so I was able to control the various exposures more successfully.

To the photo in all its Gigapantastic goodness, go here.


Be sure to zoom around in this picture to check out the various objects on the wall and furnishings.

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