House for Sale

Readers of this blog know that I am not above a few advertisements for myself.

UPDATE: ALMOST SOLD!!!! We’re under contract on the house now!

So, we’re selling our turn of the century American foursquare house in beautiful Grand Forks, North Dakota.  The best way to get official information about our house is going to Greenberg realty and typing in our MLS number (11-117).  But if you just can’t be bothered, this is what the page will look like.  There is a photo tour and all that good stuff if you do a search for houses at $89,900 on the Greenberg page. (The entire interface is fairly inelegant!)


My wife and I have loved this home. The house sits in the Near Southside historic district and is very typical of the architecture of this area.  It was built in 1900 and is a great example of an American Foursquare. It has a substantial living and dining room on the first floor as well as a kitchen. The upstairs had originally three bedrooms, but one now serves as an upstairs laundry room. We renovated the bathroom last month.

Like any old home, when we purchased it, it had some minor structural issues.  The foundation of Red River bricks needed some minor reinforcement. We repaired the roof including new architectural shakes and removing rotting parts of the roof or soffits. We also reinforced the front porch so it is architecturally sound.  In the interior, we repaired or replaced all of the damaged or deteriorating plaster (in some cases with dry wall). We also striped the doors and replaced missing hardware with pieces appropriate to the period.

The house has a good bit of original architectural detail preserved including three lead windows, interior columns supporting the passage between the entry hall and the formal living room, and original woodwork around doors and windows. The downstairs features hard wood floors that we have refinished and in some places replaced.  The upstairs floors are fir and are mostly in good shape, but need to refinishing.


For the practical minded, the house has a massive two car garage with plenty of storage, a great backyard, great neighbors, and would not need any major work for at least a decade.

So go to the MLS and check it out and spread the word!

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