Campus in the Summer

The GigaPan has arrived in arrived in Grand Forks, North Dakota, and Ryan Stander and I took it out for a spin on a partly cloudy Thursday morning.

We are particularly interested in capturing the Chester Fritz Library, which celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year.

People on campus tend to see its South side.

Here’s the GigaPan

Here’s the GigaPan

The library’s best side, though, is its North Side facing University Avenue.

Here’s the GigaPan

As a bonus, we did the English Coulee (but it’s nowhere near as good as this picture…)

Here’s the GigaPan


  1. Now that you’re getting into this territory, you’ll have to write the architectural campus guide. I want to know more about Babcock Hall, Hoarfroast, Merrifield, the Law School, Wittneberg Chapel.


  2. […] Since R. Scott Moore (aka the Gigapanda) has generously lent me the Gigapan for the semester, I’ve been getting my money’s worth from the robotic gizmo. We first took a series of exterior gigapans of the campus in the summer. […]


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