Friday Quick Hits and Varia

After a sweltering week, we’re being treated to a beautiful Friday.  So, ideal weather for some quick hits and varia.

  • David Pettegrew’s Corinthian Matters keeps getting better and better.  He gleans some great Corinthian matter from the internets and dusty old tomes and records it all on his blog. It took me 5 years to convince the man to blog, but the wait has been worth it.
  • Scott Moore sent me a link to a web application called Broadcastr.  From what I can gather, it lets you record geocoded podcasts. This has some obvious and pretty cool applications for, say, a university campus or an archaeological project. I haven’t messed with it yet, but I’m certainly going to.
  • I’m excited about installing the newest Mac OS X Lion, but following the advice of Mac Guru Tim Pasch, I’m creating a bootable Tibackup first using SuperDuper. Yikes. This might take a while.
  • Major reorganization of parts of the administration here at the University of North Dakota. It’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out.
  • I’m pretty excited about England v. Inda.  And you can’t deny the momentary thrill when MS Dhoni (!!) seemed to catch Kevin Pieterson behind!
  • What I’m listening to: Gang Gang Dance, Eye Contact.
  • What I’m reading: Tim Murray ed., Time and Archaeology. (New York 1999).

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