The Church at E.F2

While recovering from jet lag over the long weekend, I started to digitize a georeferenced plan of the church at E.F2.  We are lucky enough to have some fantastic architecture state plans of the basilica and environs. 


The church is also neatly visible in Bing Maps.  So that allowed me to check my rather informal georeferencing of the building.


The plan lined up pretty well.


First, I drew the the walls and some of the buttresses. This was an interesting interpretative project in and of itself.


Then I confronted the reality that sometimes you have to digitize the stones:


I need to digitize some of the various lines that contribute so much to the architect’s plans, but I have a draft now:



  1. […] When dealing with artifacts and notebooks, it is easy to forget what the remains on the ground look like, and so Bill was kind enough to give a brief video tour of the site. He also has some nice maps and satellite imagery of the basilica up on his blog. […]


  2. […] I left Polis for the Northern Plains, Scott Moore and I prepared a short tour of the E.F2 Basilica there.  We’ve been working on the basilica for the previous month and used the short video tour as […]


  3. […] Those of you not particularly interested in Early Christian Polis are probably suffering right now and for that I apologize. I’ve been on the road, so I can only think about one thing at a time, so I continue to think about the E.F2 Basilica at Polis. […]


  4. […] Leave a Comment A few weeks ago, I started to prepare a georeferenced sketch of the E.F2 Basilica (for more on that click here).  I finished that this week. Sketching a plan is a great way to be productive especially when […]


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