The Poor Little Sherd

Scott and I tell the story of one little sherd’s abrupt rise to glory and fame and its just as sudden crash.  It’s like VH-1’s Behind the Music, except it’s about a potsherd.

Going through the finds collected over 9 years of work at the site of Pyla-Koutsopetria has reminded us of so many stories spun from the finds on the project. While many of these stories involved our imaginings of the history of the site, just as many reminded us of our field work and the process of constructing a historical narrative.

Thanks to Scott for providing us with the great little Kodak camera and keeping us from re-dating a building to the Byzantine period.


  1. Kostis Kourelis May 31, 2011 at 4:21 pm



  2. Cool video, but this poor little sherd does have an importance in that it got me thinking about sherds and learning about the differences in ancient pottery. So, if one small piece of pottery can make someone in a different field with a passing curiosity on the subject gain even a shred more knowledge than they had before watching the video, then the sherd served a purpose. Good luck with the rest of the field season.


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