Basket Handles like a Longaberger Party

If Nelly can have “so many keys you’d think I was valet parking”, we can have so many basket handles, it’s like a Longaberger party. (As most people know, there ain’t no party like a Longaberger party…)

Basket handles come from a type of amphora dating from the Cypro-Archaic to the Hellenistic period. We found numerous examples in the survey, which makes sense since our study area showed sustained activity from the Iron Age into the Hellenistic period. The basket handles found in stratigraphic context come from our work on the site of Vigla and appear to date to the Hellenistic period.






I’ve spent time preparing illustrations by Matt Dalton and Brandon Olson for publication over the weekend. We’re back to the museum for the first half of the week and then off to Polis for the month of June.  For more on our PKAP and Polis adventures be sure to check out my colleague Scott Moore’s blog.


  1. […] June 5th, 2011 § Leave a Comment Our adventures with basket handles continued over the last few days at Pyla-Koutsopetria and Scott Moore and I recorded another “clever” video showing how we used spatial data from survey and excavation to develop a typology of our vexing basket handled amphora. […]


  2. […] and I took on the task of attempting to understand the chronology of our basket-handled amphora. They look like this, and we found a ton of them during the survey and excavations at […]


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