1. Wow, thanks for crunching the numbers on this. Exciting!


  2. In what sense does Brittania, a journal that describes itself as being about Roman Britain only, qualify under these criteria? I’ve never read or wanted to read any article in Brittania. Have you, Bill?


  3. Dimitri,

    That one sort of surprised me too. The other four were more or less predictable. The list does not really reward scrutiny. There is only one Greek journal on it.



  4. […] My post yesterday was the among the most popular posts I have ever posted on this blog (after only 24 hours). […]


  5. Hi Bill: Terrific post. I’m the writer who did the Chronicle article on the Australian rankings that you mention above. I’d love to see more scholars do what you’ve done here and match the rankings to what they know about their own fields. I suggested as much on Twitter–linking to your post–and got a few impressions back from scholars in lit studies and history. (I suggested the hashtag #journalrank for tweets on the subject.)

    Best wishes,

    Jennifer Howard


    1. Jennifer,

      Thanks for the Tweet and the encouragement! I’ll be interested to see what the other people have turned up.



  6. […] Archaeology of the Mediterranean World blog has existed for close to three years now and some posts continue to garner attention indicating that our idea of blogs as kinds of digital ephemera is perhaps over […]


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