In the Classical Tradition

Over the past 6 months, I’ve been working with Sarah Walker, a University of North Dakota Classics alumna, to edit a volume of short papers, In the Classical Traditions: Essays in Honor of Daniel Erickson. Prof. Erickson taught Classics at UND for over a decade until a series tragic health and legal problems brought his time at the university to an end.

With this volume we celebrate the ways that Prof. Erickson touched the lives of many undergraduate and graduate students, imparted in them a life long passion for the Classical world, and helped them along their careers.  We decided that the best way to honor his contribution is to prepare a collection of creative and scholarly works in his honor, circulate the books as widely as we can, and make sure that copies found their way into the archive of the University so that his contributions will not be forgotten.

A paper volume of this book will be available next week.

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