Some Events and an Awards

The end of the semester is always exciting as projects come to fruition, classes arc toward closure, and friends and colleagues prepare end of the semester festivities.  So, the department of history has two events in the next few weeks.

First some events:

Next Thursday, April 28th, the Department of History will host the 2011 Robert Wilkins lecture. This year it will be Prof. Stephen Aron from UCLA and the Institute for the Study of the American West.  His talk is titled: “The Lessons of Lewis and Clark” and here’s the flyer with the where and when info:


The following Wednesday, May 4, the Department will host Prof. Eric Poehler from the University of Massachusetts.

Pompeii in the 21st Century Flier FINAL

Now some news:

It is exciting to report that University of North Dakota MA Student Danielle Skjelver has been awarded the Daughters of Colonial Wars Historic Research and Preservation Award for her book: Massacre: Daughters of War (Goodwyfe Press 2004). In fact, this is sufficiently exciting, that I’ll abandon my traditional practice and put up an Amazon link. (I got my nice scanned image from the notice here).

Massacre Cover

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