The Site of Pyla-Vigla on Cyprus

A bit of frantic work over spring break has produced a solid pre-publication draft of an article describing our work on the site of Pyla-Vigla on Cyprus.  Following our tradition of open publication, we offer our dedicated readers (and PKAP stakeholders!) a sneak peak of a pre-publication draft.

Here are the figures:

Figure 1 CroppedFigure 1: Map of Study Area

Figure 2 CroppedFigure 2: Artifact Densities from Pyla-Vigla

Figure 3 CroppedFigure 3: Resistivity Results from Pyla-Vigla

Figure 4 CroppedFigure 4: Excavated Areas on Pyla-Vigla

Figure 5 CroppedFigure 5: Final Trench Plans from Pyla-Vigla

Figure 6Figure 6: EU 2 and EU 5 from East

Figure 7Figure 7: EU2 from West

Figure 8Figure 8: Vessel on Floor of EU8

Figure 9 CroppedFigure 9: Fortifications on Vigla

More Cyprus planned for the rest of the week, so stay tuned (oh and do take notice of todays rare double blogpost!).


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