A Catalogue of Cypriot Churches

It’s pretty hard to blog this morning with Australia v. India going on in the quarter-finals of the World Cup (and this moment Australia is 165/4 and not looking quite as sharp as they did a few overs ago).

I did, however, come across my efforts to produce a comprehensive catalogue of Cypriot churches.  It’s cleverly titled: A Provisional Catalogue of Cypriot Churches with Study Notes and Bibliography.  In its current state, it is a decidedly start and stop affair, and it has circulated in only very limited ways as both a database and as a text to few colleagues.  A few years ago, this kind of thing would have lived on my hard drive and floated about the fringes of my academic awareness until either updated or discarded.  Now, I can provide it to anyone who is interested.

For some basic version notes: this is provisional (as the title suggests), it gets updated from time to time (in fact, I have a folder of references that need to be included in the database), and there are mostly likely problems in it.  But, it is a start.


Now, back to the cricket!


  1. Do you know the Cyprus Temples project (www.cyprustemples.com)? It only does churches in the north (and mosques in the south), but it’s still a very good resource.


  2. Richard Maguire June 2, 2011 at 8:47 am

    I compiled a catalogue of Late Roman Basilicas on Cyprus as part of my PhD(which, like the PhD itself, is very much a wk in progress). Could I use yours as a means of cross-checking mine. If access to my catalogue would be of interest let me know.


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