Friday Quick Hits and Varia

It is over 25 this morning for the first time this year, but we’re also under a blizzard warning for this afternoon. Of course a North Dakota blizzard is nothing compared to what we are witnessing in Japan.

I am following events on Twitter and CNN.  It’s amazing how Twitter has become such an important part of our way of getting information on what’s going on in the world in realtime.  UCL’s Tweet-o-Meter shows Tokyo pegged at 1200 Tweets per minute.


Colleen Morgan at Middle Savagery has facilitated some more good conversation on blogs and archaeology. I’ve contributed twice this week (here and here), but for the real good stuff check out the links in her comments.

For more on blogging, read some interesting stuff at First Monday this month and a strange Socratic dialogue about using blogs to teach from folks in The Europe.

Let’s go Bangladesh! If they can pull off a win against England, I’ll wear my Bangladesh Cricket jersey to the UND Hockey playoff game tonight.  (I was also pleased to see that the West Indies escape the dangerous (!) Irish side.)

Have you read Teaching Thursday this week?  I’m wondering how hard it would be to transition Teaching Thursday to some thing more like Teaching and Learning Together in Higher Education.

What I’m reading: J. Moreland, Archaeology, Theory, and the Middle Ages. London 2010.

What I’m listening to: Radiohead, Kid A

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  1. Maybe I’ll see you at the game tonight. Where are you sitting?


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